With finite resources, it's impossible to compound endlessly. We have limited brainpower, limited earth resources; for example, water.

This kind of thinking is a great inspiration for improving important skills, parts of your life, etc., but it's not sustainable. Due to this thinking pattern, we are facing a humanitarian crisis with C02, famine, etc.

The herd effect will be key, like the internet, blockchain, and other technologies keep compounding. But, this sets humanity's biggest challenge; balancing growth with homeostasis.

That's why I think the Metaverse will be a fundamental paradigm shift. Why? Because it will move consumerism into the digital sphere. Enabling the "standardization" of the physical world. Meaning? Limiting the physical (real world) consumer options and replacing them with virtual goods. NFT and blockchain are changing private property conceptions.

In my view, we don't need endless clothing, mobility, connectivity (smartphones, etc.), housing, etc., options, we just need a few and move the need for consumption into the digital world. Focusing on computing power and new ways to make it sustainable.

To live in this "new digital world" we need a body interface; VR is just the stepping stone. As Buddhism says, we live an illusion generated by our senses. This new body interface will allow us to inhabit this "new illusion" just at a higher level of abstraction.


<innovate>within yourself</innovate> // some art, business and technology; and, why not also, spirituality, metaphysics and a bit of madness.

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