What I think Apple strategy says about the future… of humanity

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I have been thinking about this for a long time. This is not a thought that simply crossed my mind -oh, you… The truth is that Apple’s “cool standardization” mindset-strategy-ethos is the future for resource management. And, therefore, of humanity.

Listen, the opposite direction is suicide. There’s no sensible argument that enables us humans to consume everything there is, for the sake of satisfying our desire towards certainty. Yes, we can build the tallest building; we can fly (airplanes), we can go to space, we can communicate with each other regardless distance. We can love, we are conscious beings, we are aware and a long etc…

So, what is the purpose of inequality? What is the purpose -or the meaning- of having endless possibilities based on your income; for buying things that you do not want or need; from the same company you work for? -paraphrasing Dave Ramsey.

We can all agree that, from the rational perspective, there is, none; nor meaning in luxury and no meaning in choosing from more than three possibilities.

I am not an idiot. I understand how the market works. I studied it, for god’s sake, but infinite options are not a sustainable way forward.

There are so many inconsequential things we buy or think we need under the premise of “free will” or freedom. Ask yourself the question how many pair of shoes, shirts, jeans, etc.? Why do we need more than one per year?

This does not mean that our “essentials” should be pieces of shit. But, to me, it makes total sense to standardize everything that is essential. Create the all-time worldwide conscious oligopoly strategy for delivering to everyone, food, a computer, a smartphone, internet, clothes, etc.

Cool standardization is real, is the hype (an exaggeration), it is useful and “it’s great for business”, but mostly for people. It just Works. And it will unfold whether you like it or not.

The costs of manufacture have been decreasing steadily since the Industrial Revolution, benefiting a wide variety of people, but destroying everything on it is way. The problem with that, is that it is boring, but mostly, stupid. Now, you can witness a keynote, that blows everyone’s mind, to reveal a similar strategy. And becoming resource conscious and attractive. One of the coolest gimmicks of capitalism, in order to become sustainable.

I suggest you get over it and start thinking what you are going to wear or eat in the future three options we will have. I know this sounds brutal, for the western civilization, but we need to understand that freedom does not come from “things” you can buy or resources you can use and abuse. It really materializes in having time and not wasting it.

Our time is limited, and we do not need to waste it on essential things, rather on essential matters.

Stop buying and start living.



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