The ultimate guide to not falling for “the ultimate guide”

I’m sick and tired of those new internet gurus that think they can tell you what to do, what to feel or think, because it worked for them, by calling it “the ultimate guide to…”

I encourage everyone to stop believing in an ultimate guide. No life path is remotely near to being the “ultimate nothing”.

What a real master does is just one thing; follow and support the apprentice own journey into their inner truth.

So, if you are reading this just stop. There’s no ultimate guide to nothing. Instead, learn to listen to your inner self and follow no ones advice. Even this one.

Ps. Have the courage to overcome the mind tricks and follow your heart. Just trust.

Thank you very much for reading this. If it makes sense or not, please comment and recommend.

If you want to connect in a more personal way, write me here.



<innovate>within yourself</innovate> // some art, business and technology; and, why not also, spirituality, metaphysics and a bit of madness.

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