The soul’s compass

I have two selves: one that’s pushing me to follow my dreams and be cool about it (learn on the way, money will come, etc.); and the other one, that wants to speed up things take the shortcut.

The thing is that none of them are wrong. Because, sometimes what we really need comes from envy, fear and rage.

None of the emotions we have are intrinsically bad. Is what you do that sets the moral discussion. You can get lost on them and start judging yourself for having those thoughts. But, the real deal is that all of us have felted envy and rage for other people’s way of living.

What that says about you? To answer that, we must go back to the purpose setting. The actions you will perform -your doings- must be align with your “reason why” or your “what for”.

So if you feel rage; maybe you are judging that any given situation or action is unfair. That rage, will move your soul towards an action you can perform that’s align with your life purpose and correct that situation.

If you feel envy; maybe you are bothered by the accomplishments of someone else. That moderated rage, will move you towards acting upon what’s align with your purpose and obtain similar results.

If you feel fear; maybe you are judging that any given situation or action is bad for you and you’l be losing something or someone. As we can’t have everything in life, some decisions will be pushing us to our limits. To quit a safe job; to have a baby, etc., but the strength needed to DO it and the reason why (purpose) we are doing it, is what really matters.

When you clearly define a purpose and you put your intention on it, your actions will be dyed by it. When that happens, you mustn’t be judgmental about what you feel, because your actions will be guided by this compass. The soul’s compass.

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<innovate>within yourself</innovate> // some art, business and technology; and, why not also, spirituality, metaphysics and a bit of madness.

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