Normalize, narrow and redistribute.

At the rate we are going, the truth is that the standardization of the world becomes an inescapable thing, I think. This means that, mainly, to make the management of resources as balanced as possible, we will have to normalize, limit and redistribute, for example, clothing, consumer products, food, housing and cars, among others. .

Indeed, all consumer goods that have to do with people’s daily lives. This could be confused a bit with communism and that in part it is. …

We are the “gods” of the virtual world.

If we mix the current definition -21st century- of avatar; virtual identity chosen by the user of a computer or a video game to represent him in an application or website and the one that appears in Wikipedia, related to Hinduism and other religious frames of reference, incarnations of gods or very influential teachers of other religions apart from Hinduism, especially adherents to dharmic traditions when they try to explain characters like Christ, I conclude — vaguely — that we are the gods of the virtual.

If we consider that virtual beings (computer programs) are not aware of their existence…

I am not an idiot. I understand how the market works. I studied it, for god’s sake, but infinite options are not a sustainable way forward.

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

I have been thinking about this for a long time. This is not a thought that simply crossed my mind -oh, you… The truth is that Apple’s “cool standardization” mindset-strategy-ethos is the future for resource management. And, therefore, of humanity.

Listen, the opposite direction is suicide. There’s no sensible argument that enables us humans to consume everything there is, for the sake of satisfying our desire towards certainty. Yes, we can build the tallest building; we can fly (airplanes), we can go to space, we can communicate with each other regardless distance. …

If you are reading this just stop. There’s no ultimate guide to nothing. Instead, learn to listen to your inner self and follow no ones advice.

I’m sick and tired of those new internet gurus that think they can tell you what to do, what to feel or think, because it worked for them, by calling it “the ultimate guide to…”

I encourage everyone to stop believing in an ultimate guide. No life path is remotely near to being the “ultimate nothing”.

What a real master does is just one thing; follow and support the apprentice own journey into their inner truth.

So, if you are reading this just stop. There’s no ultimate guide to nothing. Instead, learn to listen to your inner self and follow…

There’s always someone that assumes the costs: almost always, You.

You think Facebook is free? You think Google is free?

Wrong! Just like Jaron Lanier said in his book Who Owns the Future , none of those services are really free. The cost is our privacy.

Today I was thinking about all the stuff that are given away for “free” on the internet. All of the knowledge, the wisdom, from this new kind of gurus give away and we fall for it.

When you give your email to somebody like Ramit Sethi, Tim Ferris, etc., you are letting them into your inbox. I did it and I have it full…

Sometimes what we really need comes from envy, fear and rage.

I have two selves: one that’s pushing me to follow my dreams and be cool about it (learn on the way, money will come, etc.); and the other one, that wants to speed up things take the shortcut.

The thing is that none of them are wrong. Because, sometimes what we really need comes from envy, fear and rage.

None of the emotions we have are intrinsically bad. Is what you do that sets the moral discussion. You can get lost on them and start judging yourself for having those thoughts. …

My moral and ethical point of view of the phenomenon.

The exponential curve of technological innovations leading up to the Singularity as predicted by Ray Kurzweil in Time Magazine.

On Thursday last week, I had the chance to listen to Marcus Shingles CEO of Xprize talking about disruptive innovation and exponential growth.

On a very interesting presentation, full of wow facts and very mind blowing content, he manage to make us feel inspired and very much aware of the depth of the changes we are living on.

As usual on this kind of conference, you can ask some questions and I did. I asked him what about the ethical and moral matters regarding this re-evolution. …

The space for your purpose.

The trajectory of creation is a never ending loop.

From a mathematical perspective, you need at least three points in space to generate an area. When you look for the definition of area you get: a space allocated for a specific purpose. So, you must be very “careful” on how you define those three points, because they will become the space for your purpose.

By Tomás Gauthier

Remember the Personal Soundbox post? The creative loop is a constant energy flow. It resonates, just as you and your team does, on this three points:

  1. Past: Experience.
  2. Present: Actions, as a pivot.
  3. Future: Vision.


I chose your company.

By freepik.

I’m not to be hired. I’m to be recognized.

Gratitude is not to be confused with conformity nor resignation. Gratitude is being grateful to the whole experience of being and receiving from life itself.

Certainly you can feel grateful toward your working place, but be aware; some working places have this subtle way to make you feel indebted for being recruited and hired. Don’t fall for that!

What I’m trying to say here is: trust yourself and don’t stay were you don’t feel you belong to. You can always choose where to work or who to work with. …

Become us.

You; is dead. I; is dead. We; hello world!

Communities and social media bring out the worst of us, but also the best.

“I” had the illusion of being alone and that “I” will make it without anyone else’s help. I was full of sh”%&!

Nowadays, everything is collaborative. It’s always been like that, but we’ve been distracted.

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