An interface for experiencing the Metaverse.

Normalize, limit and redistribute.

We are the “gods” of the virtual world.

I am not an idiot. I understand how the market works. I studied it, for god’s sake, but infinite options are not a sustainable way forward.

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

If you are reading this just stop. There’s no ultimate guide to nothing. Instead, learn to listen to your inner self and follow no ones advice.

There’s always someone that assumes the costs: almost always, You.

Sometimes what we really need comes from envy, fear and rage.

My moral and ethical point of view of the phenomenon.

The exponential curve of technological innovations leading up to the Singularity as predicted by Ray Kurzweil in Time Magazine.

The space for your purpose.

Tomás Gauthier

<innovate>within yourself</innovate> // some art, business and technology; and, why not also, spirituality, metaphysics and a bit of madness.

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